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Ski Pants

Winter is inherently a cold time of the year. Regular precipitation changes from the average rain shower to the much more enjoyable snow shower. When it snows at high altitudes the ski resorts rejoice, although they understand that with the snow comes the cold temperatures. To guard from these temperatures skiers typically wear ski pants, unless it is during spring skiing

Most ski pants want to fit some specific criteria one of which is lightweight. It is important not be bogged down to the casual skier. For them, skiing is an experience to be enjoyed, which follows into the second criteria: warmth. If the pants aren’t warm, that is the first reason you will drop them for another pair. The casual skier will also typically have some pockets to take items like a chap stick and a map of the mountain with them. It is critically important to remain warm during this sport as the climate is unforgiving.  These are the primary concerns of the average sport skier.

The professional skiers also have some other considerations, such as the wind drag. For ski pants, this is a concern, because the warmth of the material is usually linked to a form of insulation. The insulation is therefore cumbersome when you’re flying over a hillside at 50 miles an hour. For this reason, professional downhill skiers will typically wear a skintight material that has as little wind resistance as possible, making professional ski pants almost completely opposite to the regular pants.


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