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Ski Clothing

Within the outdoor winter sport of skiing there is an abundance of equipment necessary to be used in order to enjoy the sport properly. One way to categorize some of the gear that is required is to refer to the subdivision as ski clothing.

Ski clothing is a broad category that refers to anything that you wear on your body, much as regular clothing, but is used specifically in the sport of skiing. The sport of skiing is inherently cold and it typically takes place at high altitudes on mountains, and it is for this reason that a protective outer layer is necessary.  For this reason, snow pants, gloves, hats, and coats can refer to this category of clothing

Although the outermost layer is the most obvious, it typically is not the only layer a skier wears to guard from the cold. Sometimes, depending on the degree of coldness a simple sweat suit underneath the outermost layer will do the trick. Also, thermal underwear could serve as a functional underneath the ski pants and coat. All of these terms can refer to any garments that are used in the sport of skiing and for this reason denotes ski clothing.

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