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Ski Bindings

Within the category of ski equipment is the subcategory of ski bindings. They are used to attach a ski boot to a ski, and for this reason must be rigid and transfer force well. It must do this so that the rider can turn and pivot in the snow, but it must also have a release so that the skier does not injure themselves. For these reasons bindings are made and manufactured by a variety of companies.

The primary purpose of the ski bindings is to take the ski boot and attach it to the ski itself. The binding must, as it outlines it its name, hold the boot to the ski enabling the rider to act as though the ski is a natural extension of the foot, albeit a really long foot. In the modern era, a release mechanism was added so that if an improper force was made, the binding will release the boot, preventing ankle, knee, and less commonly hip injuries because the ski catches on things and transfers that force into the rider in the same way the rider pushes on the skis enabling a turn. For this reason bindings are an important safety device and well as a functionally necessary device as the skier would not be able to attach themselves to the ski otherwise. Lastly, ski bindings are broken down into the categories of alpine, cross country, telemark, alpine ski touring, and snowboard and snowblade bindings.


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